Meet the Team - myGP Clinic
Meet the Team - myGP Clinic

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Are you tired of long waiting lists and spending hours on the phone trying to get an appointment? Here at myGP Clinic we offer Private GP appointments to provide you with the attention you need, whenever you need it most.

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Meet the team - myGP Clinic
Meet the team - myGP Clinic

Why choose myGP Clinic?

At myGP Clinic, we offer accessible, personalised, proactive healthcare, performed by highly experienced doctors. Our range of services ensures you receive comprehensive care throughout management, treatment and prevention.

When you choose myGP Clinic, you will gain access to fast, high-quality care that puts your health and patient satisfaction at the forefront.

  • 99% of our patients would recommend us to a friend or family member
  • We’ve identified eight cases of asymptomatic prostate cancer in 2023
  • We’ve reversed 14 diagnoses of type 2 diabetes in 2023

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Find out more about our Patient Membership

Our membership packages not only include access to our Full Body Health Screening but they also provide you with access to a vast selection of tests and support. This includes:

Children also go free when you have an adult membership.

So whether you’re looking for general health check-ups or detailed health screenings and reports, our Patient Membership covers all the bases, allowing our patients to lead healthier lives on the go.